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We are team AIA and we are passionate about inclusive business. This is what Artisans In Africa is about. It is easy to skim over the word “inclusive” and not truly digest what this means for mission AIA. Our aim is to tell the stories of the makers who put their hearts and talents into making genuine African gifts, for your home, friends and family to experience. The artisan economy, with its infrastructure deficit, serves as livelihood for so many families. It is time to learn about this industry’s challenges and attract a network of innovators on the continent and in the diaspora, to explore and realise the opportunity to include artisans into the global manufacturing, tourism and retail sectors. “Agritech” has taken off, we are launching “Artitech”. View our full product range, or scroll down to read more about Artisans In Africa below.

The AIA Goal

Our goal is to represent African artisans from far and wide. The artisans we represent and showcase in our SHOP are from rural to urban, cutting across gender, age, to socio-conomic status, language and cultural backgrounds, in order to aptly showcase Africa’s diversity. This way you have a true representation of African gifts, to shop from and a variety of African stories to experience.

Find popular artisanal forms in an African city with guidelines from product design and development team

Curate and partner with artisans working with that art form, paired with manufacturing partnerships

Enroll skilled artisan story onto AIA vendor system and catalogue products onto eCommerce site

The AIA Way

Artisans In Africa (AIA) serves to unite artisans operating on the African continent,
empowered by one central digital sales platform. We are seeking out the synergies that foster cooperation between established production lines and artisan products. This means supporting our artisans with market research to guide product development, technology, world class centralised product design and continental digital marketing through genuine, creative story telling, that gives established tourism, banking, retail and philanthropic partners, the transparency and reach they need to make their investment in the sector viable. 

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